Well hello there!

I am a Philadelphia based human with 10 years of experience in the multi-media & production world. Since graduating from Antonelli Institute of Art & Photography in the spring of 2013, I've had the fortune of exploring many different branches of this world that I love so much. From a full-time Production Manager for multiple studios, wedding, commercial & event Videographer, Photographer, Photo Editor & Retoucher, Production Coordinator, Recruiter, Commercial and Political Video Editor, Client Satisfaction, Post-Production Manager, Associate Producer, to now finally - full-time Freelancer. I feel lucky to have experienced a wide range of positions that brought me to where I am today.

I am proud to have made the switch to a full-time freelance position as a Videographer, Photographer and photo culler + editor. I work for several amazing studios as a contractor - helping them capture moments for their wonderful clients. I pride myself in finding beauty in the little things, capturing wonderful moments as they happen, and letting stories unfold as they were intended: genuine and true. I'm a great story teller, and I want to help tell yours. 

*photo above by SSM Photography on set of Stick Doll (2021) during my job as Associate Producer.